Meet Sophie

The basics

Sophie is authentic, beautiful, in her 30's, of athletic build, an Australian born Italian, has model looks, a funky french femme hairstyle, and is smooth and sensual.  Offering B-cup sweet little developing boobettes, 5'10,  Size 12, soft skin, a miracle bubble butt (omg her bum!), and  amazing thick and luscious natural lips.

What do you mean by Transsexual?

Very feminine, Sophie is a transitioning  male to female transsexual - still with male equipment and a great versatile passionate sex drive, on hormones, and personifies female elegance and qualities in her make-up, dress sense, her nature, and attention to men. 

What to expect 


Never before offered like this. 

An indulgent pampering experience combined with sacred sensuality 

Music is playing, candles are lit,  Sophie looks and smells good, and will answer the door dressed to impress in heels and lingerie/sexy outfit.

The sessions are professional, sensual, playful and are all about pampering you. See packages page for the full menu - Its quite elaborate.

Please ask Sophie about your perfect date/session also, she would love to create the perfect program for you. 

About the girl


Her name is after Sophia Loren (the Italian actress), and Sophia means wisdom.

She's a loving, holistic, healthy living and happy girl and invested in this work as a skilled, intelligent practitioner.

Sophie is truly a genuine rare bird with a beautiful heart, and a nourishing and delightful service seeking true gentlemen to share her gifts with.  Sophie really looks forward to meeting you. 





"Thanks Sophie, that was too easy, loved it" Mark

"Thank you so much Sophie, I feel so good when I'm around you... I'll be coming again soon" Mike

"Thank you. I have been thinking about that fantasy for 4 years, it was perfect.." Chris 

"Wow...Sophie, you are a very special person. Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable in your beautiful home. What a great experience. I'll be visiting you again soon.

Forever grateful" Paul

"When we honor those secret spaces inside us and give them a special place in our lives to play and enjoy, our pleasures can become blessed and serve their purpose.

 (In the context  of legal and consensual desires).

They become sacred pleasures. Sex positive. Life positive. This is my work. I take great delight in being able to facilitate this for you in a holistic yet hot and passionate manner



First timers welcome 

No private numbers please

Discretion assured

PH: 0484 579 865